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You are a Human…

Are you positive?... Are you useful for others?

We put a code of ethics which show that human’s value begins when he benefits himself, then his surrounding society, starting with his family and neighbors, then his city, country, and all the humanity.

I.C.V.E is arisen for the aim of spreading the Healthy Awareness among people…all people, irrespective of their political, religious and racial affiliations. Undoubtedly, this is a grand aim we shoulder it, so it becomes our message which we care for making it has an elegant content, so as to reach people… all people in the world.

So, we obligate ourselves and all of the Center's members with the following code of ethics:

1.  We obey God in what He orders us, so we become the happiest people by this obedience.

2.  We warn of much “I”, because the real doer is God.

3.  We obey the other’s properties: his self, his money and honor.

4.  We don’t search for people faults, but for ourselves’ faults and correct it.

5.  We do our best to help the other with patience.

6.  We don’t interfere in the medical prescriptions of patients, but we offer possible help.

7.  We know that the therapeutic sittings don’t ensure the cure, because that cure comes from God.

8.  We define the Vital Energy to the other, and that using the Original Medicine not an alternative to the medical care which considers a part of the completed healthy care program.

9.  We suggest consulting the competent doctor when that is for patient’s benefit.

10. We keep the secrets, because it’s an important part of the qualities of constructive character.  

All of us agreed on that.

Abd El-Tawab AbdAllah Hussain

The Founder of I.C.V.E

Join us today!.. You are an important part of our global family.




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